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Postby Nikola_Stojcic_3O » Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:32 pm

I am very confused about how to tell which molecule is a substituent or what a substituent even means or why it is relevant in naming. Could someone explain a substituents's purpose? Thank you!

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Re: Substituents

Postby Chem_Mod » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:21 pm

A substituent is a group that's attached to one of the carbons in the longest parent carbon chain in the molecule. Substituents are important because they play a huge role in determining the properties of the molecules.

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Re: Substituents

Postby Alexia_Vanegas_1G » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:11 am

Is the number of substituents limited to the number of carbons on the parent chain?

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Re: Substituents

Postby Kiara Quinn 3B » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:01 am

Alexia_Vanegas_1G wrote:Is the number of substituents limited to the number of carbons on the parent chain?

I think you are right. A substituent is an atom or group of atoms that replaces hydrogen atoms on the parent chain of a hydrocarbon so I think from what we've talked about so far the number is limited to the number of carbons on the parent chain.

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Re: Substituents

Postby Alex Yee - 4I » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:04 pm

Theoretically, you can add as many substituents as you have hydrogens on a carbon chain, so you could have like 14 methyl substitutes on a C6H14 hydrocarbon chain. This molecule probably does not exist, since the repulsive forces between the hydrogen atoms and the bond angles would be a mess, but as far as we know right now, this could happen.

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