Naming Cycloalkanes

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Angela Kim 2H
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Naming Cycloalkanes

Postby Angela Kim 2H » Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:25 pm

Can we write 2-isopropyl-1,1-dimethylcyclopentane as
1,1-dimethyl-2-(1-methylethyl)cyclopentane? If we can, does the dimethyl go first in the name or does the 2-(1-methylethyl) go first in the name?

Ronald Yang 2F
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Re: Naming Cycloalkanes

Postby Ronald Yang 2F » Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:45 pm

Yes, both are correct. Since "di" is not counted for the ordering, "methyl" would come before "methylethyl."

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