J.7 Select Acids and Bases

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J.7 Select Acids and Bases

Postby vivianndo_1L » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:40 am

Select an acid and a base for a neutralization reaction that results in the formation of:

a) potassium bromide
b) zinc nitrite
c) calcium cyanide
d) potassium phosphate

Write the balanced equation for each reaction.

How do I begin this problem? How do I determine whether an element (for instance, zinc) has either an H or an OH?

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Re: J.7 Select Acids and Bases

Postby EllenRenskoff-1C » Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:06 pm

With the two elements given, figure out which one would form an acid and which one would form a base. For example, in part a, potassium would be in a basic compound because it is a group 1 metal, and bromine would be in an acidic compound because it forms an ionic compound with the H+ ion. Because potassium is part of the basic compound, it is bound with OH-, which is characteristic of bases, and the bromine is bound with H+, which is characteristic of acids. In the neutralization, the acid and base will combine to form a compound (KBr in the case of Part A) and release their H+ and OH-. Therefore, KOH and HBr would be the reactants because the neutralization would lead to the formation of KBr + OH- + H+.

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