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Postby salvadorramos3k » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:34 pm

How can you tell the number of orbitals just based off of the value of l? (Text. 1D.11) Thank you :)

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Re: Orbitals

Postby Ally Huang- 1F » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:46 pm

The value of l corresponds to a specific subshell. l= 0 is the s subshell, l=1 is the p subshell, and l=2 is the d subshell. The s subshell has one orbital, the p subshell has 3 orbitals, and the d subshell has 5 orbitals. So, the value of l corresponds to a specific subshell which corresponds to a specific number of orbitals.

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Re: Orbitals

Postby JohnWalkiewicz2J » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:50 pm

Hello! First you would have to associate l with the type of subshell, and then figure out how many orbitals are in each subshell:
l=0 - s-subshell - 1 orbital
l=1 - p-subshell - 3 orbitals
l=2 - d-subshell - 5 orbitals
l=3 - f-subshell - 7 orbitals

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