Molecules with resonance

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Molecules with resonance

Postby LeAirraBullingor2k » Fri Nov 29, 2019 11:26 pm

In lecture, did Lavelle say that acids are stronger or weaker when they have resonance?

Prasanna Padmanabham 4I
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Re: Molecules with resonance

Postby Prasanna Padmanabham 4I » Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:51 am

Those with resonance structures are weaker acids because it is harder for the hydrogen atoms to "break off" because the negative formal charge is distributed throughout so resonance structures are more stable.

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Re: Molecules with resonance

Postby MKearney_4G » Sun Dec 08, 2019 4:38 pm

It really depends on if the conjugate base is stable (forming a Stronger acid) or unstable (forming a weak acid). I don't think there is a single rule that works all the time.

Haley Pham 4I
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Re: Molecules with resonance

Postby Haley Pham 4I » Sun Dec 08, 2019 4:48 pm

Acids with resonance are stronger because resonance stabilizes the anion by withdrawing electron density and spreading out the charge.

Hannah Pham
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Re: Molecules with resonance

Postby Hannah Pham » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:01 pm

Acids are stronger when there is resonance because the electrons are delocalized, in which the charges would be spread out more.

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