Help on 5H.3

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Tiffany Chao 2H
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Help on 5H.3

Postby Tiffany Chao 2H » Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:29 pm

Can someone help me explain how 5H.3 works?


Jessica Chen 2C
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Re: Help on 5H.3

Postby Jessica Chen 2C » Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:35 pm

I think section 5H.2 in the textbook on composite reactions is helpful in understanding how to do this problem. Basically, in 5H.3, the reaction they give us is a composite reaction, and we have to use Table 5G.2 to find the two reactions that are added together to make the reaction we're given. Once you have those two reactions and their K values, you just have to multiply their K values together to get K for the reaction in the problem.

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