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Postby EMurphy_2L » Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:37 pm

When a question asks if increasing or decreasing a substance will change the equilibrium constant, the answer is always no, correct? no matter the phase or if it's water or anything?

Brian Tangsombatvisit 1C
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Re: K

Postby Brian Tangsombatvisit 1C » Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:39 pm

Yeah. Even if you add a lot of reactant or product, give the reaction enough time, and it will eventually settle back to equilibrium with the same ratios of product to reactant. There will be more of both product and reactant in this scenario, but the ratio of the 2 will remain the same.

christabellej 1F
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Re: K

Postby christabellej 1F » Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:10 pm

Changing the temperature would change the K. This is because if a reaction is exothermic, then increasing temp will cause the reaction to shift towards the reactants, so K would be smaller. The opposite would be true for endothermic reactions, where an increase in temp would result in an increase in K.

Ellen Amico 2L
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Re: K

Postby Ellen Amico 2L » Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:16 pm

The only time K is changed is when the temperature is changed (endo/exothermic reactions). For changes in concentration or pressure, the reaction will adjust so it can eventually go back to equilibrium and therefore remain at the same K value.

Emily Chirila 2E
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Re: K

Postby Emily Chirila 2E » Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:22 pm

K is a constant for each given temperature. So K values vary dependent on temperature but besides that the K value will stay the same despite any changes.

Juana Abana 1G
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Re: K

Postby Juana Abana 1G » Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:12 pm

K only changes when the temperature changes.

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