Science questions not covered in Chem 14A and 14B. Try to limit questions to chemistry (inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biophysical chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, environmental chemistry).

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Ben 1B
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Postby Ben 1B » Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:28 pm

Is there any one-on-one tutoring available for Chem 14A where individuals can work out personal difficult questions or are there only group assistance sessions?

claribel charway 1I
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Re: Tutoring

Postby claribel charway 1I » Sat Oct 19, 2019 5:51 pm

The tutoring offered on the website are all group sessions. Maybe you could contact your TA for one-on-one sessions but I would say that showing up to their office hours works best because you can ask them all the questions you have.

Celena Kim 2I
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Re: Tutoring

Postby Celena Kim 2I » Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:52 pm

I believe you can sign up for tutoring through AAP.

Jamie Hwang 2F
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Re: Tutoring

Postby Jamie Hwang 2F » Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:25 am

Celena Kim 2I wrote:I believe you can sign up for tutoring through AAP.

I heard of that too and I kind of want to look into it more.

Kishan Shah 2G
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Re: Tutoring

Postby Kishan Shah 2G » Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:27 am

What does AAP stand for?

Patricia Cardenas
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Re: Tutoring

Postby Patricia Cardenas » Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:22 pm

Kishan Shah 2G wrote:What does AAP stand for?

It's the Academic Advancement Program, they have peer learning sessions as well as individual tutoring options available for members of the program.

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Re: Tutoring

Postby AlyshaP_2B » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:04 pm

Office hours during weeks that don't have exams are usually really helpful because you can ask your specific questions!

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