Chemistry Community

Chemistry Community was launched Fall 2013 but the contents are the result of student questions in Dr. Laurence Lavelle’s classes from 1997-2013.

From 2010-2013 Dr. Lavelle collated, refined and edited these approximately 12,000 Chemistry Q&A, grouped them by topic and sub-topic, removed or merged similar questions, etc.

While creating this database as an educational resource for students in his classes Dr. Lavelle also conceptualized and developed an online forum which would build on a logical and clear presentation of Chemistry Q&A. Multiple software and forum options were evaluated for about a year. Dr. Lavelle selected phpBB which he heavily customized to create a database of chemistry topics and equations presented in an easy to read logical Q&A format that his students from 2013 onwards can benefit from, and engage in peer-to-peer learning, along with answers, suggestions, and support from Dr. Lavelle and his teaching assistants, undergraduate assistants, and tutors.

The end result is this Chemistry Community forum starting with a database of 5,035 posts in 2,423 topics grouped under 18 Introductory Chemistry sections.

This website/forum is viewable and searchable online to ALL, with advanced search features to find specific or general topics, but only students in Dr. Laurence Lavelle’s classes may post to this forum.

Approximately twice a year all non-science posts, administrative questions, etc., will be removed leaving only science content discussion and Q&A.

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